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After Hours Blues Machine - Live at Redhouse

Blues machine live cd cover

My other other band, "After Hours Blues Machine" had a successful gig last night at Redhouse Studios in Walnut Creek.  It was a showcase for half a dozen bands and things went pretty well.  We did a short set with some straight ahead rock songs, and hopefully it came across with a lot of energy.  I think things sounded pretty good.  There were a couple of minor mistakes, but I'm not sure how obvious they were to the audience.   

Here are some iPhone videos via YouTube:

 And here are a couple of MP3 files from our rehearsals as well as a live version of Black Magic Woman / Sweet Jane recorded with a portable Tascam recorder:

Blues Machine  - One Way Out

Blues Machine - Who Do You Love

Blues Machine - Black Magic Woman - Sweet Jane

It's been great playing together with Dave, Jeff and Marc at Redhouse.  And we were fortunate to have Assaf sit in on keyboards with just a few rehearsals.  

If you're in the east bay area, I highly recommend Redhouse Studios' workshops.  They've got a wide range of workshops they run for rock, jazz, Beatles, Stones, metal and more as well as lessons and regular concerts.  I'm gonna miss this place.  


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