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Numbers Stations at Red Devil Lounge

Numbers stations CD

My "other" band "Numbers Stations" played a gig on Sunday at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco.  The set list was pretty varied including songs by Weezer, Al Green, Lou Reed (of course), The Stranglers, Queens of The Stone Age, Santana and more.  I played bass and covered vocals on two songs.  This was part of a showcase for the non-profit Blue Bear School of Music.  Here's a video from the show.

Here are a couple of videos from our final rehearsal at Lennon Studios.

I've posted a few sample MP3 songs below.  You can listen to more over at SoundCloud.

Numbers Stations - Sweet Jane

Numbers Stations - Take Me To The River

Joe Bonamassa - Live in Oakland

Joe Bonamassa - Electric

Joe Bonamassa played at Oakland's Paramount theater friday night.  It was a very solid show with an acoustic set followed by an electric set.  Though I must admit, I did not think the show was as good as the last one I saw in Santa Cruz in 2010.  Some of the material felt like generic '80s stadium rock.  Still, the blues numbers were great and the set included "The Ballad of John Henry," "Slow Train," "Dislocated Boy," "Sloe Gin," "Dust Bowl," and a nice cover of Gary Moore's "Midnight Blues" among others.

I've posted some photos at PicasaWeb taken with my Sony RX100.  I managed to get pretty close for some of these.  

While I didn't shoot any video, I've shared a video of "Sloe Gin" from a date a few weeks earlier in the tour.