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Soul Crush at Cafe Du Nord

Soul Crush Live CD Cover

My band, Soul Crush, played a gig last night at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco.  Our group came together through the non-profit Blue Bear School of Music.  There was a good crowd and the sound system was great.  Vocals came through loud and clear, but oddly enough, the guitars probably could have been louder! (How often do you hear that?)  We covered a range of R&B, blues, rock and indie tunes including "Respect", "Oh Darling", "Valerie", "I'll Play The Blues For You" and more.  I sang vocals on "Sweet Jane" and we were able to pull off some nice drum hits during the song along with a great guitar solo.

This was my first time playing bass in a band, and other than a few minor hiccups, everything went well.  Here are a few photos from the gig:

And for die hard fans, here's a higher quality MP3 version of Sweet Jane:

Soul Crush - Sweet Jane (live)

There are more photos and a videos at the official site


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