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Stranglers - Live in Toronto

The Stranglers Tour North America


I was super excited to learn that The Stranglers, a band I've been listening to since their first album in 1977, will be touring North America this summer.  I'll be seeing them play their tour opener in Detroit on May 30 and then the next night in Toronto.  Additionally, they'll be playing Montreal, New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  Shame they are not playing San Francisco, but still...  This is the first time the band has toured North America in 15 years.  I've waited many, many years for this, as have many fans.  So I'm sure it's going to be awesome.  And it's also a heckuva lot cheaper than seeing the Stones.

While some diehard fans will complain that the band is not as good as it once was, it's still kind of a miracle that The Stranglers exists at all today given all the ups and downs of the music business.  Yes, original lead singer and guitarist Hugh Cornwell will be missed, but he's been gone for ages and Baz has his own style.  The recent material from the band is quite good and I expect that the set list will include a lot of songs from the first few albums.  Here's a nice live version of "No More Heroes" from earlier this year at The Roundhouse, London.  Nice to see that Dave Greenfield can still do his solo one-handed while downing a pint. 

I'm also looking forward to seeing Mike Marlin, who will be opening for The Stranglers on this tour.  More on that later on.

If you are near any of these cities and are a fan from ages back, you better get your tickets soon.  Many of the shows are already sold out.

Update: Unfortunately now the Detroit gig has been "postponed" and now Mike Marlin is no longer playing the gigs in Toronto and Montreal.  What the hell?


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