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Yaba - Portable Speaker & Guitar Amp


I recently ran across this interesting project on Kickstarter for Yaba.  Not sure of Yaba is an acronym, but it could stand for Yet Another Brilliant Amp!  Yaba is a tiny amplified speaker from PLX Devices.  It's about the size of a mouse, shaped like a miniature speaker phone that you might see in a typical office conference room.  You can place the Yaba on a table, floor or other flat surface to create what appears to be a pretty significant amount of sound from a portable MP3 player, iPhone or other music player.  More importantly, the Yaba X version can amplify a guitar. 

Of course, I wouldn't expect the Yaba X to be very loud, but if you need a way to amplify an electric guitar in lieue of a headphone amp, it might be worth looking into.  There's just under 2 weeks to get in on the Yaba action for as little as $29 er $39 make that $49 or $59.  The project is fully funded already, but this is a good way to get the Yaba or Yaba X before it hits retail at higher prices.


This looks like a great invention. I will have to check it out! It is a hassle to carry around a guitar amp, with this you can take it anywhere.

I guess this would work for my daughter at home. I really don't want it to be very loud!! She has been looking for a small amp for months.

This is an interesting product. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the post!

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