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House of Floyd at the Rio

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One of the best tribute bands, House of Floyd, played this Saturday April 20 at the Rio theater in Santa Cruz.  They offer a tremendous "note-for-note" performance of classic Pink Floyd hits along with more obscure tracks from deep in the Pink Floyd archive. 

Here's some of the video I shot and uploaded to YouTube.  Sound quality is good, and I've uploaded in HD resolution.  


SetlistThe setlist included many of the classic Pink Floyd singles as well as some deeper tracks from Meddle and other albums from the Syd Barrett era.

Personally, I favor the more melodic songs from the later albums, but it was obvious there were many fans of all eras at the show.  

House of Floyd is such a great live band, I'm not sure a camera can ever really capture how much fun they are to see.  I've posted some photos on PicasaWeb and embedded them below.  But my advice is to go see the live.  That's  where you really get the full impact of their performance, with not only the sound, but also the lightshow, the lasers, the projection videos and most of all the energy.

The band's performance is tight, vocals are very close to the originals and the playing is as close to note-for-note as you're ever likely to see for some of these songs.  And in case it's not obvious, this is a band that bring tremendous enthusiasm and joy to their work.  House of Floyd will be touring through the summer, and I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter so you can keep track of their schedule.

Aussie Rock: Khan Manuel

I've recently discovered Australian super shredder Khan Manuel, and he is one wicked guitar player.  His playing is in the same league as Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, with tons of melody and a healthy dose of down and dirty blues.

His forthcoming second studio album "The Message" is out in May and Khan has released the title track as a single.  I've posted the official video below.

You can purchase Khan's earlier music including "The Knight" and "Live in Australia" at Amazon or iTunes.  The live album was recorded at The Basement in Sydney and includes a couple of covers of "Little Wing" and "Lenny."  I've not seen Khan play live and missed him when I was in Sydney.  So I hope he embarks on a world tour soon.

Guitar fanatics can also a free PDF of Volume 1 of Khan's Guitar Insights book.

Yaba - Portable Speaker & Guitar Amp


I recently ran across this interesting project on Kickstarter for Yaba.  Not sure of Yaba is an acronym, but it could stand for Yet Another Brilliant Amp!  Yaba is a tiny amplified speaker from PLX Devices.  It's about the size of a mouse, shaped like a miniature speaker phone that you might see in a typical office conference room.  You can place the Yaba on a table, floor or other flat surface to create what appears to be a pretty significant amount of sound from a portable MP3 player, iPhone or other music player.  More importantly, the Yaba X version can amplify a guitar. 

Of course, I wouldn't expect the Yaba X to be very loud, but if you need a way to amplify an electric guitar in lieue of a headphone amp, it might be worth looking into.  There's just under 2 weeks to get in on the Yaba action for as little as $29 er $39 make that $49 or $59.  The project is fully funded already, but this is a good way to get the Yaba or Yaba X before it hits retail at higher prices.