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Watershed on NPR


Ever heard of Watershed?  Me neither.  But they've got a fascinating story.  A hard work Ohio band that never quite made it, but never gave up.  They're still touring after 27 years.  I must admit, I'm a sucker for bands with this kind of endurance, whether it's The Cynics, AnvilThe Hellacopters, or Thunder.  Watershed is probably the most accessible of any of these bands, with a mainstream pop sound.  Bass player and singer Joe Oestreich has recently written a memoir called "Hitless Wonder" describing the band's career which is featured on NPR Weekend Edition.  

I'll follow up with more details after I've dug into the book.  But so far, Watershed sounds pretty darned good.  Classic rock & roll power pop with a sense of humor and plenty of hooks.  Sort of a combination of Cheap Trick and Greenday.  Their newest album Brick & Mortar is available for streaming from their website.  And here's a video from a recent gig.  I hope they'll add some west coast tour dates soon!

Update: I bought the book and devoured it. Best rock book ever!  I bought the album "Brick and Mortar" and loved it.  Watershed is my new favorite band.  Heck, I've bought 3 more CDs on Amazon.  Full reviews to follow.


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