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Coming in plenty of time for the Christmas shopping season "British Rock Guitar" by Mo Foster is a book that promises to be a great treat for guitar players and fans of British rock and blues.  Foster is a touring professional musician, who has been playing for more than 30 years along side such legendary musicians as Gary Moore, Brian May, Ringo Starr, Van Morrison, Cliff Richard and Peter Green.  As a result, he's got a unique perspective on the evolution and development of British Rock Guitar.

The book is a personal and humorous account of the development of the British Rock Guitar sound from the 1950s onward and also documents the rise and fall of the British studio session scene.  The book is full of many anecdotes from someone who lived the rock musician life in its early days and also includes commentary from such legendary British guitar players as Eric Clapton, Brian May, Hank Marvin and many others.  The book also includes photographs, advertisements and memorabilia from that period. 

"British Rock Guitar" is published by Northumbria University Press and is available via Amazon. Note that this is a hardcover edition of  Mo Foster's earlier book "17 Watts?" that has been expanded and updated since its original publication back in 1997.


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