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National Guitar Workshop 2011


Once again, I'm in Austin, Texas enjoying some BBQ and attending the National Guitar Workshop.  This is my third year and I'm fortunate that two buddies from prior years, Bruce and Philippe are also here.  This year we're in a "Play The Blues" ensemble class with a dozen students including a rhythm section.  The first afternoon was short & sweet, but very encouraging.  Not too much theory, just diving in and playing.

I've posted a few videos from the faculty concert.  The most impressive guitar player Sunday was Joel Gregoire a phenomenal shredder who played some insane instrumental songs.  Even though it's not my favorite cup of tea, it's truly impressive to see how fast his hands are flying.  I don't expect to get to that level of playing in the next 50 years, but it's still inspiring.  Ted Hall stole the show on Monday with a tremendous version of Black Magic Woman.

If you're looking to break through in your guitar playing, I strong recommend National Guitar Workshop.  No matter what your skill level, no matter what your age, you will come away as a better player and have a great time.

The National Guitar Workshop has sessions through the summer in Virginia, Austin, Texas, Connecticut and Montana. 


Thank you for the you-tube video. It sounded really good. Sounds like that workshop would be good for new guitar players. Keep up the good work!

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