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Beatles vs Stones

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My favorite public radio podcasters, Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot from WBEZ's Sound Opinions, have teamed up to write a book to settle once and for all the epic debate: which is better The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?  Sound Opinions has dissected and analyzed the careers and music of both bands to weigh in on their strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings.  The book is written in an informal conversational style, much like the Sound Opinions show itself.  You may not change your opinion on this highly personal debate, but you'll at least gather more evidence to support your cause and you may also develop an insight into what has made both of these bands such legends in the industry.  The book also has a ton of rare photos that illustrate both bands at the heights of their careers, touring and in the studio.

As for me, I'm of two different minds.  I think The Beatles helped transform the pop music industry into something much more meaningful and lasting.  But I still love the all-out raunch & roll guitar focus of mid '70s Stones albums. 

For music fans, The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones is a great book and no doubt will be a great gift this holiday season.   (Even more cool, the  book cover changes images from red to blue depending on the angle at which you view it!)


The answer is obvious: Led Zeppelin.

Our very own local battle is happening NYE at the Fox Theatre with Sun Kings vs. Unathorized Rolling Stones!

I'm still wondering who won that last titantic battle - The Beatles versus The Dave Clark Five.

Tonight, Mick Jagger 67 (wow) @ 2011 Grammy Awards.

There is no debate - The Beatles are always the best band! There is no versus.

~ Zac Sullivan ~
Guitar Teacher @

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