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This past Saturday, I happened to luck into a pair of lawn seats for Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert.  Despite my distance from the stage, I used my trusty Canon G9 to shoot video direct from the project screen.  And to my surprise the videos came out pretty decent.  You get the benefit of multiple camera angles and excellent close ups.  Unfortunately, you do hear a bit of wind noise on occasion during the quieter parts.  

Nonetheless, for die hard fans waiting 40 years for a Buffalo Springfield reunion, I'm sure this will be a treat.  It's pretty amazing to hear the vocals as strong as they were back in the 60's.  The set list included:

  • On the Way Home 
  • Rock 'n Roll Woman
  • Child's Claim
  • Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It?
  • Go & Say Goodbye
  • I Am a Child
  • Kind Woman
  • Burned
  • For What It's Worth
  • Clancy Can't Dance
  • BlueBird
  • and finally: Mr Soul (my favorite)

Here are a few links to some others that I found on YouTube.

I'll post more videos from the concert in the coming weeks. But unfortunately, I'll not be able to make it to Sunday's show.


These are great. I was at the show but needed to leave at "I Am A Child." Can you please post more?

Can you find videos of all of the other songs that the Springfield did? (Like "Bluebird" and "Go & Say Good-by")Also, any news if they are going to continue on, or was this just a one-off? Where can I read comments that the members themselves made after the show?

Sorry, that's all I got. I think because of the lousy weather Sunday there may not be a lot more videos coming.

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