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National Guitar Workshop 2010


Last summer, I attended the National Guitar Workshop blues core session outside of Chicago.  It was one of the most fun things I've ever done.  Nerve racking, sometimes, certainly intense as you try to learn and master a song within a week to play on stage in front of an audience.  But it was a hoot. If my schedule works out, I'll try to attend another session this year, rejoining some of my colleagues pictured above in Austin. 

Last year I kept a running blog through the entire week chronicling the experience.  Here are the links to each day's posts with video, photos etc:

I aklso did a couple of interviews with NGW guest instructors:

What really sets NGW apart is the instructors.  John Horne from Athens, Ohio, who taught last year's Blues Core course was a great instructor as well as an accomplished musician.  Here's a short video where John talks about the course.  John will be teaching several NGW workshops again this year.

If you're thinking of  attending a guitar camp, I strong recommend National Guitar Workshop.  No matter what your skill level, no matter what your age, you will come away as a better player and have a great time.

The National Guitar Workshop has sessions through the summer in Chicago, Virginia, Austin, Texas, Connecticut and Montana. 



It certainly would be great to get a week just to play guitar. I'd say the best thing is meeting like minded people and learning from them.


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