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Washburn's Riff Contest 2009


Washburn Guitars, producer of some of the finest electric guitars out there, is sponsoring a Riff Contest with some pretty cool prizes, including a custom WM 526 electric with smoking hot sustain. 

All you need to do is record a riff --no longer than 35 seconds-- upload it to YouTube, and then copy the URL and code into the form on the Riff Contest site.  Oh yeah, and be better than everyone else.  And you have to be over 18.  And you have to use a Washburn guitar.  While that could be a problem, you can go to any Washburn dealer and tell them that you want to rock out on their gear.  I'm sure they'll love that.  Especially by the twentieth take.

Check out some of the videos online and vote for your favorite.  Personally, I'd like to see a bit less metal in these entries, and a bit more classic rock, but that's just me.  Entries are due by June 20 but why wait?  Unless, you're like 19, with a birthday in June and still trying to find a local Washburn dealer.

I wonder, if Washburn players Paul Stanley and Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy entered, who would win?  My money would be on Paul Stanley.  Plus he looks better in spandex. 

Also, for a, ah, cheekier contest, check out where you can win a complete guitar rig from Musican's Superstore and Metal Method lessons. 


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