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Top iPhone Apps for Guitar Players


The good folks over at FretBase have posted an article on the top iPhone applications for guitar players.  It's pretty amazing to see the type of creative applications coming out for mobile phones.  The iPhone wasn't the first smartphone and it's not the most corporate, but it has certainly inspired a broad range of application developers.  Some applications may be a bit goofy, but still...

A few notable applications include:

  • FourTrack:  Sonoma Wireworks has created a complete 4 track recording system for the iPhone.  It's not quite as sophisticated as their RiffWorks product, but it's still pretty cool.
  • Guitarist, PocketGuitar & Guitar: Turn your iPhone into a mini-guitar with real sound, vibrato, hammer-ons and more.  Not necessarily easy to play, but sure looks cool. 
  • 7 Chords: A chord library reference that will sound the chord for you.
  • Guitar Toolkit: Includes a tuner, scales and chord diagrams.
  • Visual Metronome: The name says it all

Check out the full article for details & links to the iTunes store.  And here's a sample video of what's on offer from Guitarist:


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