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Guitar God Kaki King on Tour

Kaki King is one of those guitar players whose talent greatly her exceeds her popularity.  Beyond a certain core audience, King is relatively unknown.  So in a way, it was not surprising to see her play a dive (and I mean it in the best sense of the word) like the somewhat haunted and barely heated Brookdale Lodge, in Santa Cruz a few weeks back.  There were also two local acts opening the show, Nico Georis and Sarah McCoy, and I'll post some videos and photos of them in the next week.

King played a solo set consisting mostly of instrumental music with a wide range of innovative tapping, slapping and other crazy rhythmic sounds from her acoustic guitar.  I managed to shoot some photos and video, posted on PicasaWeb and YouTube.  The colors are a bit washed out due to the relatively dark lighting, but the sound came out quite well.  It's amazing to see King coaxing an amazing range of sound out of a guitar.  And because it was a small venue, it had the intimacy of a private concert.  King was quite serious during her playing, but warmed up with the audience with some riffs on Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love and tales of late night debauchery. 

King's latest album "Dreaming of Revenge" wull be released in March and accentuates catchier melodies than the more experimental instrumental style for which King is most well known.  King is on tour through the US, Australia and Europe through March and will also appear at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee in June.  If you find yourself in Katoomba with nothing to do, you could have a memorable evening with Kaki King.


She's a real fine guitar player. Does she play electric as well?

I believe she does play electric, but not on this particular solo tour.

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