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Life of a Rockstar: Bono & the Bikini Babes


Maybe life as a rockstar isn't so bad after all, at least according to these photos of Bono cavorting with bikini-clad students while on vacation in St Tropez, France.  But where's guitar player The Edge?  No doubt he's off practicing scales or testing out some new Line 6 gear.  Who wants to hang out with a bunch of underage girls anyways...


You don't have to be a rockstar; the perception of power and money is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs there is. But nevermind Bono, who's the guy on the right? Is it Alan Rickman?

That's Bono's guitar tech. But he doesn't play guitar very much, so Bono puts him to use on, ah, other projects.

Actually, I have no idea.

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