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Elvis Costello & The Police Live Video

Following on my write ups on Elvis Costello and The Police live at Shoreline a few weeks back, I've decided to post some videos from the show.  Unfortunately, the quality is low as I was far back in the 2nd section.  Still, it gives you at least a flavor of things.  And remember, I risked life and limb --or at least being thrown out of the show.  So I hope it was worth it for the die hard fans!  (Photos and reviews are in the original postings.)

Next time I guess I better get more expensive seats or a bigger zoom lens.  If anyone has recommendations on a digital camera that's better than the Canon G9 for gigs, let me know.  The G9 is nice and compact, but the zoom is just 6x and there's still some shutter lag compared to an SLR.  But at least I can bring it into gigs without too much hassle. 


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