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Steve Nardella, George Bedard, Mr. B Reunion Gig

Ann Arbor roots rocker Steve Nardella joined his band mates George Bedard and Mr B for a rare reunion last week at the Firefly Club.   My wife was a long time fan of Steve Nardella and company back in her U of M days and so we went early and managed to get seats at a front table. 

The band played a broad range of blues, rock and rockabilly songs including originals from the 70's and 80's as well as classic covers like "Kansas City," "Maybeline," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Flip, Flop & Fly" among others.  It was quite a workout, going through three sets and nearly 4 hours of playing.  And then we hit the Fleetwood Diner around 1am.  What a night!  No wonder the Firefly Club is one of Downbeat's 100 best clubs in the US!  If you're in the Detroit area, you gotta go. 

I managed to capture quite a few photos and videos which I've posted on PicasaWeb and YouTube.  For long time fans of Steve, George and Mr B, this should be a treat.  Especially seeing George Bedard's frenetic guitar solos.   


To George

May the stars in the night sky
Skid to a slow stop
In their winking,
Tilt ever so slightly,
And bow...

pause in wonderment...

Shake their ancient dust down
like a dog after a bath

To spark and charm through
your musical magic.

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