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New Elvis Costello on Vinyl

Elvis Costello has released his new album Momofuku (named after a trio of New York restaurants) on vinyl.  I'm not sure I get it.  But who am I to question the bespectacled genius of 80's angry-young-man new wave?  Only, it's 2008 and Elvis isn't young anymore and frankly, I don't know why he's so angry.  Apparently he's mad that people are pirating music.  But good news: you can buy it as a digital download.  Check out the samples above on Amazon.

I'm a die-hard Costello fan and unfortunately Momofuku is a bit of a mixed bag.  There are some great vintage style tracks like "Turpentine," "Stella Hurts," "Drum & Bone" and the snarly "Go Away."  It's nice to hear Costello rock out in the old style.  And Steve Naive's playing on "American Gangster" wouldn't be at all out of place on "This Year's Model," an album recorded 30 years ago.  But other songs, like "My Three Sons" and "Life with Rose" seem distinctly middle-of-the-road to me.  It's great that Costello has a happy family life, but it doesn't make for very interesting music.  I guess we need a bit of the old Elvis angst after all. 

Costello is also touring with the Imposters and opening for The Police this summer.  I've bought tickets to see them both at Shoreline in the San Francisco bay area.  Frankly, I was disappointed seeing The Police last year, but I always enjoy seeing Costello live.

Update: Momofuku is now available on CD.


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