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A Backlog of Reviews


Ok, I'm behind.  I've had a lot of travel recently and more coming up, so bear with me.   I've got half a dozen stories in the queue which I'll try to complete in the next few weeks.  You can expect some reviews of recent music by The Hellacopters and Vampire Weekend, a review of the very funny book "Rock On" by Dan Kennedy, as well as Don Felder's "Heaven & Hell" memoir of his time in The Eagles.  I'll also take a look at the guitar instruction site Infinite Guitar, a report on my visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  Oh yeah, and I've been banging on an awesome Washburn custom HM 526 guitar and a very affordable Randall KH15 Kirk Hammett practice amp.   So expect a write up on those also.  Any day now.  No, I'm not selling them on ebay.  I swear. 

And if we're lucky, I'll also get a guest posting on Soul Detective, a great site for out-of-print R&B music and maybe something to deal with dreaded Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.


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