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Best Gig Photos & Videos of 2007


In the last year I was lucky enough to see quite a few live gigs and capture some memorable moments with my trusty Canon G9 camera.  It's not the best camera in the world, but it's got a 6x zoom lens, works well in low light and has decent video capture.  Best of all, it fits in a jacket pocket and costs less than $450. 

I managed to get some decent photos and videos at shows by Lenny Kravitz, The Smithereens, Alan IglesiasFrank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Pat "Jazz Butcher" Fish, Andy Walo and more.  Here's some my favorite photos from the past year as posted on PicasaWeb.

I've also put a couple of the best videos I shot on YouTube below.  I hope to get out to more gigs in the coming months and shoot even more photos and videos.


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