The Smithereens at Cow Palace
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Lenny Kravitz at Cow Palace

Lenny Kravitz also played at the Oracle conference party last week at Cow Palace.  It was jam-packed so it took nearly thirty minutes to get from The Smithereens stage to the Lenny Kravitz pavillion.  Still, I managed to get reasonably close to the front.  It got a bit claustrophobic with so many people jammed into a standing area, but it was worth it. 

Kravitz is quite a showman, singing, swaying, and swapping out his guitar for bass on an extended jam version of American video. (I think it went on for about 15 minutes  after I stopped recording!  It was cool, but I just didn't have enough memory in my camera.)   While Lenny is no slouch on guitar, the really outstanding guitar solos were by his bandmate Craig Ross, who probably deserves more recognition than he gets. While some people criticize Lenny Kravits for his retro 70's style, I think the whole band pulls it off with style, even when they are hamming it up a bit.

I managed to get some decent photos and some rather shakey video footage.  I guess I should have fought my way up closer so I wouldn't have had to zoom as much.  All I can say is it was a great gig.  Watch for a new album ("Time for a Love Revolution") and tour in February.


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