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Rock Band Features Fender Gear


Rock Band, an upcoming computer video game by Harmonix, the original developers of Guitar Hero, will feature Fender guitars along with Roland and Boss gear.  The game aims to one up Guitar Hero by enabling multiple players to interact online with virtual drums, bass, guitar and vocals to jam in real time to a wide range of rock music. 

Harmonix, now part of MTV, has announced the game will be distributed by Electronic Arts on Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 platforms in time for the 2007 Christmas season. If it's anywhere near as good as Guitar Hero, it will likely appeal to a huge audience of gamers and rockers alike.  Nailing a guitar solo in a video game is not quite as challenging as the real thing, but it's a heckuva a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, Activision, which bought Red Octane, the publisher of the multi-million selling Guitar Hero games, has hinted at new developments including a long-rumored 80's edition as well as a forthcoming Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii platform.  Can't wait to see the full track lists for these...

Update: A good article describing the appeal of Rock Band is available in Gaming Today. Also news about the Guitar Hero III track list which includes songs by the Stones, Kiss, Alice Cooper and Foghat among others.


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