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SwitchMusic guitars


SwitchMusic has developed a line of moderately priced electric guitars made out of plastic.  Ok, they don't call it plastic, they call it vibracell which maybe sounds slightly better and could just as easily be technology used in cell phones or personall massage devices.  At any rate, the theory is that by making the guitar out of plastic, I mean vibracell, they are able to have a consistency that results in a much better sound than wood and are easy to play.  Their guitars are one piece (neck through body) and don't suffer from the normal ageing or variations that wood is susceptible to in terms of temperature, humidity or other factors that can compromise the quality of neck alignment and tone.  You can get a plastic, I mean Ebonite, fretboard or a more traditional Rosewood.  Because of their low action and fast smooth fretboard, these guitars have become popular with shredders looking to have their own unique style.

The theory sounds good.  Frankly, it's tough to get anyone to pay attention to true innovation in the guitar world, so it's great that Switch Music is going out and doing something bold rather than just another "me too" product like.  They offer a range of models from $350 to just under $500 and up in a range of body shapes and colors.  The styles are edgier than your typical Fender or Gibson clone and the colors range from toxic waste green to hot yellow as well as more sedate all black or all white.  SwitchMusic also offers MIDI equipped guitars for those looking to geek out completely.