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Eastwood Replica Guitars


Eastwood Guitars of Canada has built a thriving business by creating replicas of rare guitars.   Pictured above is the "Airline" model replica of Jack White of the White Stripes famed guitar for under $600.  Check out their web site at  Michael Robinson has created more than two dozen replica vintage models.  Instead of buying a rare collector's item, you can get an accurate replica in perfect condition for a fraction of the price.  And you won't be afraid to take it out gigging.   Check out replicas of the Ovation Ultra-GP, Ramones' UniVox Hi-Flyer, Mosrite, Coral Hornets and others. 

Jam Plug Headphone Amp

JamPlug, from Mac accessory maker DVForge, advertizes itself as the world's smallest guitar amp.  For around $40 you get an amazingly small battery powered amplifier that plugs into any standard electric guitar.  The device is a bit smaller and lighter than a stretched out golfball and fits easily into the palm of your hand.  The JamPlug plugs directly into a standard 1/4 inch guitar jack, so there's no need to have an extra lead cable.  Then in turn, the included headphones plug directly into the AAA battery powered JamPlug.  Voila, instant rock & roll, no fuss and no muss. 

The sound itself sounds like a 20 year old practice amp giving off a lot of hiss, especially when using a single coil pickup.  On a humbucker the hum is reduced and the sound is a little less harsh.  At higher volumes you also get a some overdrive distortion, but frankly, it's pretty loud even at low volumes.  (Frankly, at high volumes it's downright nausea inducing.  You have been warned!) 

For portability while travelling, or privacy when playing at home, it's a cost-effective solution.  But if you're expecting smooth tones, you may be disappointed.