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Royale - Sci-Fi Yacht Metal Record


Sci-Fi Yacht Metal?  Ok, I can't resist.  Chicago band Royale has a Kickstarter project to fund the recording of their debut album.  $10 gets you the digital release later this fall.  Or splurge and get a jam track named after you.  If the song 1981 is anything like the rest of their set, this sounds like it will be a great album.  

These guys are all top-notch musicians hanging out at Chicago Music Exchange.  The music has a great atmospheric vibe to it.  Sort of chill with great melodic guitar.  If only it were a full blown rock opera...  That would be even better.

Here's a YouTube video for 1981.  I think it conveys everything you need to know about this band:


Wow this is surprisingly good, Top notch production and a good sounding chilled ambient tune. I don't know why they are calling it metal though but ok. Thank you for sharing!

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