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Hi, I really like your blog, since I decided after many years of trying to learn guitar alone, to finally get some instruction. And I also love Photography, and have taken lots os concert pictures over the years.

I used to play bass years ago, and have played in many rehearsals and also life a couple of times. I have one advice for you: get a more powerfull amp, 100 watts is not nearly enough for you to be heard near a drummer. Aim for at least 350 watts and either a 2x10 or 1x12 cab, Behringer stuff is really good, top bang for the buck.

This was my trusty cheap "never let me down rig":

Happy bass playing and contrata on the blog!


I meant "congrats" on the blog...

Haha! Thanks a lot. Yes, bass amps definitely require more wattage than a regular guitar amp. That said, I think some bass amps, like the Roland Cube definitely seem to be a lot louder than others, based on wattage alone. The guys I play with are not excessively loud so, so far I've not had to really crank the Roland past 2 on the volume. But I'll keep the Behringer in mind.

I agree with you, I had a Hartke Kickback 12 before, and it was really loud at 150W, thoug I never regreted getting more watts. Keep in mind, if you find yourself sometimes digging really hard on the strings, it's because you need more (clean) volume. The amp should be doing all the hard work, not you. BTW, this is one of the best resources about bass playing on the Net:


When it comes to watt usage, definitely, bass uses more but still i love to use when ever i am with my group, students or onstage with "Hartke LH 1000 Bass Amp" .Liked the options you have mentioned and would take a look at their performance too and might include in my list of gears.

I loved the article I will definitely point my students to your blog. You give a lot of great tips and I will be coming back to see more. Thank you again.

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