Dark Star Orchestra at The Fillmore
Pearl Jam - Treasure Island

Kings of Leon - Treasure Island

KoL 1

Kings of Leon played recently at the Oracle Open World music extravaganza in San Francisco a few weeks back, opening for Pearl Jam.  While I'm not a huge KoL fan, I thought it would be interesting.  It was certainly loud.  In fact, it was too loud for my Sony RX100 camera, resulting in a lot of distortion.  Heck, I could feel my internal organs vibrating from the bass drum.  And it was kind of cool when Eddie Vedder came out to join them.

KoL Vedder 2

Despite the poor audio quality, I've posted a few songs on YouTube shot directly from one of the big screens for those who want to check it out.  And I'll follow up with the Pearl Jam post shortly.


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