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Werewolves or London??? I was with you until then. How about "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks instead maybe? Regardless, fun list.

I'm sorry to say my garage band doesn't know any of those songs. But it is a decent list.

Maybe I was just a little more metal growing up but I believe every garage band knows "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath...

I would agree with you on the "odd" ones and I'd even dump the Presley tune. I'd put Gloria, House of the Rising Sun, Twist & Shout, and My Generation in their place. I was surprised that the first three I mention weren't on the list as every band I knew of back in the day did those 3 tunes. You Really Got Me was a big favorite amongst the groups also.

"You Really Got Me" HAS to be in the Top 10. Also, Ron is right: "House Of The Rising Sun," "Gloria," and "Twist and Shout". Then, an Elvis MEDLEY: "Jailhouse Rock/Hound Dog/All Shook Up". Also, ya need another slow one for girls to dance to, 'bout "Time is On My Side" Yeah. That's it. Take me back. -John Cog.

don't dis wearwolves in london... it's not the best song in the world but every time my band plays it theres a few people who know the words and enjoy it... and how about not tryen to replace the songs and just play them all and add more??? da, the more tunes the better

Motorhead also did a great version of Louie Louie, when Fast Eddie was still with them.

I agree with above, Adding You Really Got Me by the The Kinks or Van Halen.

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