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A few years back, I bought a Korean-made Steinberger Spirit guitar from MusicYo, an online division of Gibson that has since shut down.  I originally bought the Steinberger as a travel guitar, but it has since become my main axe.  Despite the headless design, it's not as light as other travel guitars, but it is pretty sturdy and has a unique tone and nice sustain.  The guitar features EMG pickups and has a great feel.  MusicYo is gone now, but you can still find Steinberger Spirits online at eBay, Amazon, and at Musician's Friend and most other online dealers.

Ned Steinberger, a furniture builder from New York, created the unique headless design for his namesake bass back in 1979.  He later branched out to create headless guitars built out of graphite and carbon-fibre, but these never broke into the mainstream and he later sold the company to Gibson in 1986.  Numerous other headless designs have emerged since the 1980s including Cort, Klein, Hohner, Traveler Guitar, Erlewine and others.  Some use an officially licensed version of the Steinberger bridge and tuners, others have their own unique take on things.  Ned Steinberger continues to create unique bass cellos, violas and violins in his new company, NS Design.

Bill_ted_steinberger While these guitars are somewhat hard to come by, they have a devoted following.  Musicians famous for using Steinbergers include Lou Reed, Buck Dharma from Blue Oyster Cult, Geddy Lee and Mike Rutherford, who contributed to the design of the original M-Series guitars. 

You can also find them occasionally in 80s movies and videos like "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Update: I've also added a short video below that shows the Steinberger in action.


I've owned a Hohner G2T for years now - its the wood version equivalent of the original "broom" shape as its been called. As you point out, its great to travel with although they're not particularly light considering the size. That's because the whole thing is maple which isn't a particularly light weight wood.

As you know, I'm a headless guitar fan as well and will continue to explore the design as a key element in my own guitar building.

I happened to see a new G3T Hohner at a local shop earlier this week and it appears to be at least a pound lighter than my Steinberger. I suspect it's made in the same factory though; it has the same pickups, same bridge and even the same stickers "inspected by..." and "made in Korea."


What would you estimate the price of a Hohner G2T in fair to good condition today?

Not sure. Hohner is good quality and licensed Steinberger design. I've seen them in used stores like Starving Musician in the bay area for $300-400. They sometimes come up on eBay and can cost more if they are in great shape. Problem is its a pretty specialized market.


Looking for a m series steinberger guitar,no specific color or anything. where can i find one(new or used)for under $1,000.00??

Is $300.00 a reasonable price for a used steinberger spirit GU model??seen a few on ebay but I didn't know how much those go for brand new...

$300 is a pretty good price for a steinberger spirit. In fact I think I paid more than that for mine from when I originally bought it.


Is there any place in southern california that i can find a steinberger spirit model??like a music store etc... or is eBay the only place i can find an affordable steiny for myself?

Just added these pictures of a broken Steinberger Graphite neck!
Pretty abnormal site! Go to youtube and watch Ned stand on the guitar... hmmm wonder what happened?

Did you guys notice that MusicYo went out of business?!!! very sad, I bought a ton of gear from them ...about 30 guitars over the last 14 months... what now?

I'm looking to buy a used american made steinberger 6 string guitar.My email is

Trying to I.D. a travel guitar I was given years ago. Looks like a spirit design. Has 3 EMG pu's. 2 single coils and 1 humbucker, 3 toggles, vol. and tone knobs. Has BLAKE where spirit name would be.

Sounds like its a, ah, Blake guitar. Honestly, I have no idea. But it sounds like a Hohner given the 3 toggles. They are quite decent guitars, but like the Steinberger, a bit heavy. Might also be a Cort, though they have a different body shape.

Here's a photo of the Hohner:

And the Cort:

Where do I can I get string for my Steinberger Spirit? England York !

I would try online. They are more common than I have expected; I've never had a problem buying them.


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