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My wife bought me a PX5D in Japan for about $150,
in Europe they cost almost $300.
The built-in programs are more for demo purposes,
had to tweak a bit to get some useful sounds.

If one wants a modern distortion sound then one
might find that, but not something like an overdriven tube amp. Had the first Korg Pandora
and that had more vintage sounds, but also was
more noisy and consumed batteries very fast.
The PX5D is very quiet and batteries last a long
time. I got a power adapter, but it was hard
to find one with the correct mini-connector, so
I ended up ordering an original Korg adapter.

I recommend getting a dual footswitch for controlling programs up/down and the phrase trainer. I had a Behringer dual footswitch from a broken V-amp, worked perfectly with a stereo headphone adapter.

-- Martin

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