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A less expensive alternative might be a used Hoffner brand Steinberger. It's the same size. (real Steinbergers are expensive but amazing guitars)

The only thing I would say here is that personally I would go with a travel acoustic guitar instead of an electric one, but I guess it is because my living style. If I travel, it will be with friends so I would need something to use when singing :-)

But it sounds like a nasty guitar and I would like to test it once, but the price is too high for me, really.

Definitely an interesting option to know about as I do travel a lot. I think in the end I will probably go with the little martin travel guitar because an acoustic just makes more sense for me, and I just like that little thing.

Anyway this was interesting post - thanks!

The Gear

Interesting Guitar! Some of the general design elements remind me of the Steinberger guitar

I like the body support that is built in to the guitar. Innovative!

Looks like a Cool guitar!

Hi, very interesting idea.

How about this one though .. at just one inch longer here are two full scale Swiss designs that you can also perform with. At less than 3 pounds too you can carry them easily or even pack one in a bag with your cloths.

Take a look here ...


Love these things. Check out the Blackbird Rider if you want an carbon fiber acoustic option.

hm.. I would like to get my hands on one just to try it out but I can't justify the cost at this point. Seems like a lot of other solid options out there for travelers at a fraction of the cost.

That's a cool guitar. This is what I want to get. I have been looking for a travel guitar for a long time.

I (sorry for may poor english) have tenditite in both my's impossible for me to play a standard guitar (or a bass). I've got a hohner "broom" (like the stainberber) but it's impossible too. palm guitar could be a solution (before praying for a miracle!). the bass palm-guitar seems to be incredible (also the price!)

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