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This is a good goal, to play guitar every day. I mean, I haven't set such a goal but I do it everyday because...I see my guitar everyday, it is in the living room on a stand, both, the acoustic and the electric. OK, all 3 of them, my wife is already mad at me, too many in the living room ;-)

I guess that if you see them often you play often, just keep your guitar where you can see it.

Nice article. Thanks for mentioning the RiffTracker product, which is RiffWorks guitar recording software by Sonoma Wire Works bundled with a GuitarPort by Line 6.

RiffWorks T4 (free download) is also available. Record your guitar with any ASIO or Core Audio input device, collaborate online with guitar players around the world, and RiffCast tunes to - all for free:

Great article Zak. I'm going to include a link to it in my next newsletter. Thanks for sharing some very helpful advice.

You mentioned keeping the guitar handy. A better solution to leaving your guitar on a stand is to purchase a guitar wall hanger. Too often, a guitar left on a stand gets stumbled over. I broke the headstock off of a Jackson that was on a stand.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I think finding time to play is an issue that hits everyone sooner or later. And sometimes tactical solutions can work pretty well.

The only problem I have is I can't figure out how to get the guitar wall hanger to work with my Steinberger! ;-)


Great write up. Keeping a guitar handy makes a lot of difference for me. Riffworks is simply awesome. I owe pretty much all my guitar playing to Metal Method- Doug has been my primary teacher since the 80's ;)

As for the wall hangers, they are the best way to keep a guitar handy AND safe. Especially with kids around the house :) But yeah, the Steinbergers don't hang very well....

Thanks Zack, for keeping me focused on my lessons.

So far, keeping the guitar out and readily accessible has helped me a great deal. And great tip on the Line 6 products. I have been eyeing them for sometime now.

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