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Great video! I would definitely see them if they came to South Florida. Its an impressive band. I really like Sless and wish they featured him a bit more. I do think for McNamee to achieve his goal of being a profitable band, they will need to create something more unique.

Barry is quite prominent in the band, especially on some of the extended jams. But unfortunately, his area of the stage wasn't well lit and I don't think I captured much of his playing in the videos.

They are touring in Jacksonville and Tampa in February, but maybe you can suggest a venue further south that would be suitable on their forum.

Best of luck


Thanks for the video. I wish I could have seen this show. I saw them a couple of times live, and they are truly amazing. Their music is soo good, I keep blasting their newest record. I love Portland Woman

Great! This piece shown in the video was definitely not their best but I still I won't miss watching it. I'm surprised how the cameraman were able to get the best audio considering the venue.

Thanks. The Canon G9 does great for concert audio, far better than you would expect with a camera of this size.


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