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I agree that the guitar world needs innovation and the RGX-A2 is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, guitarists tend to be a rather conservative lot when it comes to instruments. My own interests lie in the area of guitar ergonomics so I was very interested in Yamaha's approach to light weight design. Good post.

Robert Irizarry
Building The Ergonomic Guitar

thanks for the comments. I agree; for the most part, guitar players seem to be focused on designs that are now 50 years old. Nothing wrong with the classics, but most other areas have seen significant improvements in ergonomics in that period of time. Personally, I would love to see more radical changes than even teh RGX-A2, which is really just a modest incremental change. We need more bold designs; not just changes in pickups and electronics.


I am a guitarist who's into modern as well as classic designs. So I enjoy (at least the looks of), for example, PRS guitars (I am not so fond of "standard" designs such as Strat and LesPaul) as well as Teuffel oder Andreas guitars. I fell in love with this Yamaha guitar the very moment I layed my eyes on it. I'd furnish my living room matching to this guitar if I could afford it!

I just found some images of this guitar, I already love the RGX121s and think it's one of the best if underrated guitars out there.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and I shall be purchasing one soon!!

Thanks for the review.

I purchased one of these (Identical to the one in the photo) from a local Guitar Center. They had two models on hand, the white one, and a black one. They wanted $800 for the black one, and $250 for the white one. Both guitars felt, and sounded identical, and both had similar dings in the body (I assume from usage and mishandling). Since I really can't play guitar, I brought this one to my brother, to let him check it out, and it's been at his house now for 9 months straight. Even though he has an impressive collection of guitars, he refuses to hand over my Yamaha. I guess I'd say that this guitar, while having a fairly utilitarian design, impressed him.

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